Thursday, July 24, 2008

Never a fan of shady-ness

Ever feel like you aint got time for shady folks, closed minded, cold hearted, strong minded, type-a folks? Defensive at almost every word you share, &every compliment you give... the kinda people that make it far for their intelligence but yet, don't make it that far from another perspective? I think playing this defensive part can make them sooooo many enemies because their way of talk &strong minded not so friendly ways... on the other hand so I'm not quite contradicting myself I believe I'm strong minded, say some real shit make you wanna cry type shit... but I'm mad friendly with EVERYONE!!!! considering i don't click well with the female species first things first we start as friends NO MATTER WHAT &the more i learn you the more or less we become friends.. if you rub me the wrong way baby, imma rub you a little rough too, but that's not being cold hearted off the back you gotta give chances...

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Nana Castro said...

ahhhh, good shit!!!