Thursday, July 31, 2008

Suite 62

late nights
&Direct Tv live
channel 843,
HOLLA! let's make love...
let's listen to the greatest jams, so if it sounds good &scratchy at once you know wassup, just keep cupcaking me baby &dont mind my 1992 tv box (;

ok alll day i can't stress how much
i thought about this cupcake brown grind, clara &i are going to kill'em softly (; i can't wait dream times, hit come true times with favorite people kines..

I reunited with an old best friend yesterday, "quite" refreshing i must say.. i never knew i missed her in such ways.. her scent brought back memories, literally putting eyeliner on at the same time took me back to summer days after graduation nuttts, her hair was super bomb, we talked about everything possible, we share similar CURRENT PROBLEM, so it's mad helpful, we busted half nighters, hahaha slept on my bed together.. old days, it's known by every friend of mine my bed's bomb! it's one of those beds you wanna nap on forever &a day.. NO HOMO (;

ok, Leilanie i need that biz markie lullaby again, it got deleted off my computer &my ipod sync'd my shit &now im pissed.. "booom tttthh boooom booom tttthhhh thhh I want to be.." cause i completely lost all that music you gave me.. my seducing Michael Jackson jam &all that good stuff let's have another aim exchange music file date... anyone can join Aim- rissaspeeaces..

So fellow reader, let's fresh prince? this shit style.. since Steve Urkel came out the cave &is taking over the fresh marathon time,

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