Tuesday, February 2, 2010

10am "it's your birthday everyday with me"

Yes, #SAPPY... its been a while since Ive shared a little of this 10am goodness... I've been so busy lately if you can imagine... emails, etsy &papal got the best of me right now. Baking cupcakes in the jewelry and edible forms... but if you were at all wondering where did my 10am Editions wander to...? well wonder no more... i'm still here strong &my boothang is still here yet sweeter than yo average and so supportive like i've never known.... handling me sweetly... a sweet friendship on every level without a ownership is taking "us" places... i dig each and every moment, I dig the 10am hours, i dig the constant text messages, i dig the #random courtesy phone calls, adore the tattoo talks, the crazy MJ Bad Misses, i dig the pound love yous, i even dig the kisses every other Sunday.... Content like i never been so if i was counting? 5ish months on that 24.7 please take notice you can tally mark my butterflies and smiles...

"You make me smile,
make me day,
make me laugh...
i have to say it overwhelms me sometimes
...I wanna give you sunshine"


Ginger said...

Aw! Your 10am boothang better keep up the good work! I'm so happy to see you back to your happy floaty smiley self. I'm all goods now too. Matching weddings for the twins perhaps? haha! Love you, cupcake. <3

Cook.ThePoet. said...

Omg this is so adorable!!