Wednesday, February 10, 2010

#VAMPIRE or cupcake!

Bleh, im pretty much known for the late night #sapp but tonight i'm better off blogging... basically i miss someone sweet. I learned that this pass weekend the boothang baked 50 Cupcakes for his superbowl shindig... It's lowkey the sexiest shit ever, hahaha I guess i just been thinking of the next baking session with him what it will consist of... cause soon we will bake together again, and so eliminating flavors and cupcake types this was the pick i plan on making these bad boys with Tayy... instead of vanilla cupcakes we will try out these infamous "cinnamon/caramel cupcakes" i guess with something vampire always on my mind, a constant text message flood and with my new love for phleshy thangs, hahaha im thinkin of making a
"sweet little cupcake bleed"
cause beyond a bleeding cupcake is well bleeding cupcake.... yes, the girl smiles #much.

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