Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10am Baking for your Vday Edition

Baking surprises #much, hoping delivery is 1 day early so i can have goodies to personally deliver this 14th... Over the pass few months my very own cupcake sales have taken it's peak making living comfortable, better jewelry finds, stylin edible baked goods, and gifts were made possible for my loves. I will not front my paypal stays building but my bank account right now is -$14 it cost to be sweet? naaaa this is all due to delay bank transfers but all is well im humble between the lines... well aside from $ and bank accounts i have a few sweet vday gifts bakin in the oven right now... favorite brands baking, personal delivery coming your way soon shipping $FREE.99 i gotchu baby.

**sorry boo thang, i slept beyond the hour of 4am if im not on dot like im NEVER may this blog make up for my "happy 10am" text.... ;n*

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