Monday, May 18, 2009

anythang to listen to, to paint thangs!

i miss it sooo much it's crazy... i don't know when I'll settle down and ease up on moving and trying to get my jewelry perfect &new ideas to come alive... i look forward to working hard summer days just so come fall and winter i can dedicate myself back to the live art road, I've literally only had 2 live art shows... i just haven't made it priority #1 to get any gigs.. but this one came to me vs. searching for a gig.. So i have one on the 29th i look forward to being at the heart of the I.E painting with my I.E lovies...

"I just noticed when I'm jamming and the song's soo damn good.. i get lost in the sound literally that it takes me like 10+ replays to even get the lyrics down... i don't even know what the song's about sometimes i just know it sounds paint to."

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