Saturday, May 23, 2009

Don't Trip... Yet ladies go hard

I'm sooooo excited to show off what Whitney &the dty girls have been working on for months! Whitney's been given me little inside scoops on what's to come and sending me little graphics &it's so great to FINALLY see it done on the pins &tote bags in real life..

I remember when we first talked about tote bags &exchanging sites for pins for cheap! we both explained how we both were thinking of tote bags how we wanted them.. to be one of a kind unique and special handles and la la la...and it's so great to see her ideas on limited edition totes! You Go girls! &to think this is only the beginning of their international attack! the girls are puttin their master minds to work!

I can not wait to get mine &really help Pauline walk these cali streets with Don't Trip... Yet on our arms!!! & wait!! give credit where it's due Whitney's got a mad cute best friend flossin' them bags!

**Visit them Don't Trip... Yet &read between the lines FAST!!!! cause when you purchase a bag.. you get the "goods" ladies...

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Polly Pocket said...

I love pins! And those are too cute! I will definitely be copping ;)