Thursday, May 28, 2009

Way way Golden Love

well spent with him, hours+ in the 7th street swapmeet killing time waiting for his GLK snap backs! might i admit are the sexiest shit's ever! wait and seeee sooon! Suppose to be crafting or packing but instead roaming each jewelry section... looking at gold rings and doorknockers... Explaining our ideal wedding rings, not on some Spencer and Heidi type shit, so don't worry lol... just imaging, fantasy wedding settings cute little fun and mind games what if's type thoughts... Oh yea, agreed to ghetto fabulous wedding bands three fingers in the game... lookin at $531 gold plated Doorknockers, thinkin of the flip side to 531 pairs of Doorknockers, cause Santee Alley, Downtown La be hookin it up with $1 Earrangs! hahahaha

After our crazy run arounds we took it to the futon LAKERS cuddling type. It don't get no better win/win cause i got my right hand man &my purple and gold... after the game had to pick up some supplies for my jewelry... got some grubs and headed home... ate together and went about our ways hw for my boy &crafting for my night wholllllllleeeee night...

It's 341am and i swore on everything i was going to close my eyes @ 12am and call it quits on crafting, write a sorry letter to curtiss king cause im way way exhausted.. but I've come to realize thru bad pms/ cramps/ no phonecall goodnight/ dry mouf'/ sore body/ aching back... i work under pressure SO GOOD! i knocked out bout 20 cupcakes.. and 13 dilla donuts! all glazed and ready for GOLD chains! a little sad cause im short on rosary supplies cause i've been way busy and LA trip was too outta line for me... i'm dealing with what i have in my crafting chest no biggie "UNDER PRESSURE" brings out the greatness in me... not to mention im the best procrastinator you'll ever meet... but please believe i deliver well!

(photos later)

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