Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chaa Ching, Proud of me!

++because during this last attempt to this “final goodbye, i don’t want to be with you, im over it, this isn’t working, ‘break-up’”, i tucked the Lauryn Hill jams away for 7 months straight! i didn’t even break them out dust them off, repeat and replay… she wasn’t needed this time to get me out the “broken heart gutter”… cause i was far from heartbreak and just ready for a good change…. meaning i didn't need a miracle to get me outta bad gut feelings, a tight chest, a knot in my throat, &a aching heart.. My heart was set on "change" &knew what it needed to be happy. No hard feelings, no derogatory extra meaning just I'm Proud of me, I put the Sappy Sally behind me!

"Since I've been softened up,
my soul's been nothing but sweet..."

I've opened up a bit more, soul searchin took place, &my personality has been fully defined... My creations sent me in a solo path to find circles over squares to set goals with me for my 2010, I'm heading into this year clean with experienced hands, my eyes &heart wide open no regrets but lessons well learned so if you haven't noticed I've already let go of 2009 &it's Sappiness...


TOXiC said...

Kewl blog yo fo'real keep it up

oh & follow moi simply cuz .....

my ~ish so different:

istaybranded said...

Thats My girl ! -istaybranded