Wednesday, December 9, 2009

East Loves Dumpin bags,

My little Kay Kay, fuckin twilight/ cosmetic freakzoid this would be her purse! Vote for Kay heartymagazine♥ , EMAIL for KAY FROM

&Sole would be holding the streets down in her purse ALONE, always ready for a little paint on the walls! Vote for Sole heartymagazine♥ , EMAIL for GlamorousVandal FROM

Bwahahahah my east coast chola's entered a Bag Dump contest that i am actually mad they didn't tell me about it cause if you know me... my purse stay random extra socks, extra panties nail polish, paint markers, prob 3 sets of doorknockers, pliers, candy, hello kitty playing cards, snacks, bobby pins, cupcake sprinkles, stickers shit maybe I'll dump my bag later&share with you for funs!!! lol but my girls are holding it down i was humbled by what they carry in their bags not surprised one bit!! **a purse aint a purse without Hello Kitty or Cupcakes!

+Fafi Mac Collection
+French music up in that iPod
+Makeup like the worlds going to end!
+Tough Love NYC/ BubbleGumPony♥s pins
+Cupcakes to soften yo hustle stickers (old)
+Cupcake Rossary

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