Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas,

it's crazy how time has passed on by... with a 2 day count down, stress-less or stressful home, online findings, knotting blankets, baking Christmas cookies, making pound cake &making some of them famous Strawberry Cornbread Cupcakes... tis' the season &it feels so sweet, different.. yet again a good different. Every other year my family &I bounce back &forth from my dad's side to my mom's side.. this year catch me on my dad's side getting my travels on in the harbor cities... This year's on a more simpler side... Santa's droppin hints early for me with a few cute invisible gifts... gifts that dont need to be unwrapped gifts you can't buy at the store.. the kind that makes me soft in the inside.... i didn't make a huge list of Material things this year or i didnt make one at all!?.... &already im feeling pretty good with these gifts... i guess this year i have one to look forward to literally "unwrapping"... one that's been talked about for about a month again between my little sister &a boo thang... but until the hour...

my blessings have been good to me my heart's warm &my soul's sweet...

May this season's blessings
Soften Yo Hustle

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