Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Snick @ Nite Snitchessssss!

"God made a master piece outta me, quiet kid with a silent gift... no one wanted to unwrap so instead they dissed"

Dear Mr. Curtiss King,

Without a doubt you've musically amazed every bit of me. About 8ishh months ago you had me feenin for your music, teasin me via twitter &just about 2 months later back in May when i met you for the first time, i was blessed with the humbleness friend in you.... & being a part of your release for "The Storm On Mars" was a blessing on a whole 'nother level... Well, check you out, not letting me down again... All the dedicated signing into Ustream I did just to watch you break down beats &look at your lonely Tupac poster in the back wall lol! You did it again you've zoned me out on some Mars type shit in the past, but I'm excited to say you've got me back in the 90's on a Saturday night chillen with a homemade milkshake on my orange couch.... poppin in my Snick @ Nite straight twilight zonin'
x♥x♥, RissaCupcake

If you got that Curtiss King live "Ok Ok Ok...*head bang" on point, consider yourself truly touched by Curtiss himself... whether it was musically, by his beats... lyrically, by his humble words... you choose but i know I've got my head bang on point by all of the above, + his presence alone has inspired me as someone on that same artist grind just mine has a little cupcake twist and can never level up to the work he puts in day in day out musically... So imma let you test out your own "Ok Ok Ok... *head bang" with your own Snick @ Nite! love it, remember it, embrace it, sang it, Ok Ok Ok... *head bang it how ever you like!!!!

tweet that thang, @CurtissKing

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