Tuesday, April 21, 2009


cause you just pushed one on my last buttons...


Been pushing and i only have a few standing, I like that i tried to be nice... and be the good friend when a friends down help'em out... being real turned into a argument i careless about it really... woke me outta my sleep and got to my nerves, yelled and demanded better quality shit? cause fake gold turns colors? oh really? get a job? really? yea for a second i felt like my mom was yelling at me... and i get enough of that. i don't need to talk to a friend and get cussed out in the middle of the night, have no room to talk cause your yapping on and on....

Dilemma: I'm grinding from my bedroom yo! downtown LA chains have blessed me by cheap prices for well enough chains! well of course my chains aren't 14k gold shit i can't even afford 10k so in time depending on the person the chains WILL rust some quicker than others NOTE TO SELF: even real gold, silver, or whitegold can turn skin green it all depends on your body type and how much copper is in the piece...

My thing is if you have money for better chains than help me out ok! but until then or until i have a legit cash flow.. Excuse me if I'm grinding, run with me from the beggining or not! Must i remind you I'm only 7 months shy into this little cupcake jewelry business? Who do you know started from the top? it's a lot of money spent it's a lot of experiementing.. it's a lot... Put your self in my shoes for one minute than try cussin me out Cause your gold chains turned colors! Really?

I'm done, late night phones calls shouldn't get the best of my sleep... I wish i can blame this on PMS but I'm far from that time... Frustrated is Frustrated.

Vented. Now i need to finish packing my room up, shower, craft, and photoshop shit!


LaLa said...


I noticed you kept saying "friend" but on the real mama a FRIEND don't do shit like that, Yes real friends are always honest wit you BUTTT they don't come at you like that and they FOR SURE don't crush your hustle down to size especially when it's apparent how hard your hustle is! smh. this makes me sad... but you know what, you know what's up and no matter how much shit a "friend" or a stranger talks you still hold yours and you have so much people that are down for you and your cakes. let it roll off your shoulders mama. your loved & adored! don't forget it.


SOLÉ GARCIA. said...

who spazed out? like they didn't know it's going to turn colors it's 10 bucks what a bunch of idiots! don't stress it! if people know how to take care of their shit, it will last..and if they were smart enough they would have just switched the cupcake to one of their gold chains if they planned on wearing it ALL THE TIME!