Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i miss him live,


I remember the days, when there was the three days straight of reggae vibes, invading his 100+ acres of land he called home... BBQing Hawaiian style, feeding horses, eating FRESH EVERYTHING! cause he grew every crop **wink wink if you know what i mean (2 huge greenhouses full of medicine) , sleeping in tents, waking up to bonfires and rice in the pot on the fire, back stage passes because of my grampa, Ever since my Grampa passed away, there's no more Reggae On the River trips up north to the Humboldt County.

I just had a moment like i always have of flipping thru slide shows of old photos and youtubing my grampa when he was alive... Probably the most story telling interesting Grampa ever, with the same kinda love for Bob Marley as me... I guess I'm in this state because it's about that time he come visit us again, and give me loads of stories and plan another reggae/ luau trip to his home... sleep on our floor in his sleeping bag with all his surf clothes cause he just came from our local beaches surfing our waves... just a visit, every 5 or 6 months... i guess I've been in denial and still waiting.... I wish he could go to some of the live art shows I've painted at and i wish he could see how far i took the artsy/ musical part in me... knowing it ran in the family... i know he sees what I'm doing. I'm more than sure he's watching me... and visiting me even more often than the 5- 6months... i just wish in flesh he was here... but i don't worry cause i know i carry his stories with me everywhere and his spirit is still alive in all of us...


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