Thursday, April 30, 2009

enough is enough

dreaming of gold frames yet?

i know too much driving you Insane in da membrane, but I've been working on a lot of presenting myself a little better with a clean way of promotion... with one click to my blogspot type graphics... being asked for graphics to put on certain sites... coming up on everything even my cakes and quality life span it's all for the better... &if you know me well enough I love me some gold frames.. Gold Frames Make My World Go 'round &i go hard with Rosary chains!!

So i will be blessing you soon with:
- New ideas
- Men pieces
- Wall hangers
- Arm hangers
- Vintage Finger cream Bahahahahaha!


lalaliybean said...

yeah, i love the gold frames. you pretty much trademarked them so if i see another blogger with 'em I'll pretty much know where she got the idea from.

love the rosaries. how long does it take for you to complete an order and send back bc i'm thinking of copping a couple cupcakes for my bday?

rissapeace, said...

Aw hahaha I made sure where I got them (DTY) from I made sure I said hey! I'm taking these and running with them! I love gold framesI mean if you see my room it's full of gold frames! I wven got my boyfriemd hooked! My business cards are frames lol its a love thang! But anyways good eye mama you already know!

So usually because I do it by money orders as soon as I get your $ I send it right out you can personally pay a little extra for express mailing it'll be a garantee get there like in a day or two

When's your birthday?

lalaliybean said...

may 16th. i guess if i want it by then i should send the money like yesterday lol

it's no sweat. i'm not one of those ppl who obsess over their bday but expect an order in the near future bc i need at least one lol.