Tuesday, April 28, 2009

today i pack up the old...

Yolanda sings to my soul...
while i pack up my room the music's blasting and Pandora is picking yet ALL THE RIGHT SONGS... I made a promise to myself last Thursday without the foolish excuses my relationship with God has to grow from this point on... i fell off more than i needed to... and i came to realize that i was only in the mess i was because God wasn't my #1 anymore... when all would fail I'd call my closest homegirls and my much dedicated boyfriend material thangs would always soften my soul but that all should be secondary stuff! I had to come to realization again... but you know i knew at the beginning i was too vulnerable for my own good now I'm 2 years into this... i have to BUILD MYSELF from the ground up... the beauty in this is when "my little world" shakes i always know who to turn to... there's never been a doubt but i can't take my god for granted i should trust him for every step i take from the good steps and the bad steps, let him guide my every step "Let Go, Let God"

"i want to work with you
i want to grow with you
and learn more
i love you
i know we got this
let god work in us please...
im changing ME for me &you
change you for you &us
that's all im asking for...
im finding myself... im positive i could do this with you..."

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RieAntoinette said...

Aww, you can do it! I believe God for you, this walk isn't easy, but God will see you through it! Prayin' for you! Love your blog too :D