Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cupcake of the week, wk4

once again my regular reader this time didn't remind me but begged me to do a "Cupcake of the week" aww love, so here you go... wk4 brings you Hello Kitty Cupcakes, mmmmmmmmm creative i must add &not hard to attempt what is that velum paper? easily cut out take a black sharpie to that, red, little bit of yellow.. its like a Hello Kitty cupcake jacket! (;

Hello Kitty will always be in my blood, as long as i can remember the Sanrio store was heaven, when i was young my mom would take me in there I'd get 1 lead pencil, like 5 of my favorite regular pencils, 1 of those little push erasers when they were the "new cool thing"... i'd get two packs of gum, this was like every month... i always looked forward to Del amo mall when i lived in Lomita.. it was fun Sanrio wins my heart♥

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