Thursday, October 30, 2008

ello, 1 day til halloween party!

slackin, on the blogging cause this decorating &cleaning has taken over my life! my moms a gluestrist, holleration! here i bring you cupcakes to soften yo hustle with sexy aprons! enjoy, come trick -or - treat at my house my homegirl Clara &i will soften you up a bit! (; sorry for short blogging.. considering I'm a bitchy blogger right now, i have sleep hair i haven't touched in 2 hours, my hand is food colored red! the door has a mnor flaw due to serious food coloring issues, there's two right hands vs. right &left lmao, home crafting is fun putting brown paper bags to work son! it's windy the spiderweb outside is falling... my dad tried to wake me up at 733am to start cleaning, nigga i been cleaning for two weeks.. shuts door**, "ugggggh! bugaboo parents i swear!" im excited yet, exhausted!

**oh yea! cel phone shots again, blah! if your barely catchin on to my reads, my canon &i broke up i put that bitch in the top junk drawer! we're beefing right now, she causes to much pain! im un-happy &need of new kind love.. plus her memory is bananas no mem. card, she's wack i miss chris' camera!


iиk. said...

aww mama is one her martha stewart grind lmao! ;) normally I would have been the same some party or event but this year...I'm doing the relaxin' let other people do the cleaning after everything lmao f'dat haha!

LaLa said...

YESSSSS! It's prefect, i love it the most, your amazing ;)