Thursday, October 16, 2008

cupcake plans over carne asada fries...


-stayed up til 4ishh 5
+they came out bomb!
+/-visually sweet, taste like clay! lmao
+$5, promotional sale
+yay, la tonight
+meeting Dana La Rock tonight
+downtown shindig
-still has to bake, wash, clean,
-pliers &gold chains! i hate tools!

to be continued...
enjoy the visuals, (;
more flavors coming soon!

$5 /$10 with gold chain,

on a different note, come tonight!


leilanie said...

holla to ladies packin' rolling pins... guns can't make jewelry, but we sure can.

welcome to the world of clay creations. it's pretty damn fun huh.

LaLa said...

love um...
so how can i buy a bunch???
let me know.