Friday, October 17, 2008

ta ta ta ta ta totally unplanned

not only does it suck when plans fail, but when three hit you in such a short time man does it hurt so good? lmao instead of stinky smell good LA... me &her went to VG's walked for 2 mintues, went to cheesecake factory got our vanilla bean cheesecake, free water, &free bread.. killed time, watched Lakeview Terrace, pyscho man yo! i saw my dad's job lmao in the movie LAPD stuff.. all in all on some rebound lesbian type shit we had fun, not only was the theater lonely also, i was a bit too i missed my boy... my cupcake extravaganza failed small kine, atleast we got to wear our necklaces! &boyfriend on a budget didn't visit me... im not sad which every emotion &acton i pulled tonight portrayed some sort of saddness but if i had to tell the truth.. "i miss my man!" shit, &his dead unpayed phone is driving me bonkers! i need his voice in my life! lmao... goodnight readers♥

Emotional Rollercoaster girl

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Dana La Rock! said...

OoO I wanna sticker! my new laptop is bare ^_^