Thursday, October 16, 2008

justine BFF♥ lmao,

justine gives me favorite vibes! i haven't talked to her in ages i missed our chats! she let me vent to her, "anything without drama that's where we be!" she supports my cupcakes! (; visit her now &daily! justinesamantha

Justinee (11:59:54 AM): i really want to go to grad school in california
Rissa(12:00:01 PM): oh nice..
Rissa (12:00:04 PM): wow!
Justinee (12:00:05 PM): i'm almost a senior yay! meaning grad school here i come haha
Rissa (12:00:13 PM): ill be on campus with you all day!
Justinee (12:00:17 PM): lol
Justinee (12:00:20 PM): holler!
Rissa (12:00:22 PM): "um justine leave your friends at home this is class!"
Rissa(12:00:24 PM): lol
Justinee (12:00:28 PM): ROFL
Justinee (12:00:41 PM): i'll just tell the professor to eat a cupcake
Justinee (12:00:43 PM): and like it
Justinee (12:00:43 PM): haha
Rissa (12:00:47 PM): lmao!
Justinee (12:01:13 PM): lol

"don't hate, eat a cupcake" -justine

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