Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween party, (;

for the record my mom cannot stop decorating the house! she's been stressing this party &cleaning for a full week... she even yelled at the refrigerator man when he came to fix ours.. but in the mean time... my costume is coming out so bomb on some baker type shit! umm Starbucks is a must in a stressful party planning home! &the cherry on top is our argument right now... dwelling on some sweet stuff! i hate it, IMIHIM', I've learned I'm a bit vulnerable when it comes to my boyfriend, which is never a good trait... spoiling him with my sweetness has bitter side effects ); another long talk with joanna, another story telling while baking velvet heart cakes.. racing to bed before the sun comes up around 645ishh... well, enjoy my wack ass cell phone shots you don't get plenty of these from me.. (;

1 comment:

PORCHE ` said...

man , i love cupcakes :)
your blog is perfection.

& i have the same problem with my boyfriend =/