Friday, October 17, 2008

Cupcakes love Lala

+first buyer
+first ginnypig (;
+cupcake mamas love Lala
+she's packin, $40.00 mama get's free shit! "surprise, surprise!"

"smell the cupcake love, embrace the hustle, these are sweets smell so good make you wanna eats!"

don't forget to visit her, lady with blog credibility


LaLa said...

that's me!! YAY!

can't wait to get my cupcakes and show off how cupcakes really do soften yo hustle!!!

I'll be sending you mas orders!!!

cupcakes taken over!

lala loves her sum cuppiecakes

The Corny Collins Show said...

Shit is so fly.
progression @ it's best

[the dopeness] said...

owww girly. ur 'ish is poppin.i don't even know how I found your blog.but we definitely need to chat so i can place my order, and see if cupcakes soften my hustle.