Tuesday, August 4, 2009


2 days ago i came up with my color scheme considering i will have one in my near future for long LA trips and beach streets I just told Chris these exact colors is what i want for mine!!! i knew google had everything.... here i am google accompanying me in my bed sheets borrrrrrred.... **tahdaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
lavender & baby pink
i'll marry the man who drops one of these off at my front door.... **rings my door bell and the key's just swangin in my face, if your on one knee with the Key Ring "YES!" is my answer... if you know me well enough i'll kill for one of these babies, im not flashy i don't care for new car smells give me a Volkswagen van so i can put Rose curtains in that bisshhh!!


Ginger said...

Aw, that is sucha cute car! My bf laughs at me because my dream car is a beatle. LOL

Chainsaws and Jelly said...

Whay a sweet sweet ride