Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm dedicating this Satuday to strictly...

Baking cupcakes!!!!!!!!
for those this Sunday who appreciate my presence &love the fact that my cupcakes soften their hustle's like NO OTHER!

i wish my double shot of cholas solé &kaykay were here to help... i need down ass creative girls with juices(acception of our kaykay lmao creative juices? well maybe not soo much but twiilight juices oh yes) to help me bake these cupcakes listen to rap songs &r&b hits &blast Michale Jackson, Lykke Li &Prince around my house.... will my east coast girls please drift my way... Home alone, to craft &bake alone once again.... don't get me wrong it's peaceful &the zone is on beyond the average but company never did me wrong....

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