Saturday, August 1, 2009

product sharings with my momma +/-

-paul mitchel hair serum
-tea leaf conditioner
-make-up/ the good brushes
-curling iron
-summer shirts

my family's been gone since Wed. night they packed their bags and went off to San Pedro i had a few plans, and a few things to craft so i stayed behind to learn that last night getting ready to finally go out... was a malfunction &a 1/2 DAMMIT i was left...
High &Dry!
without a doubt high &dry, hair that was suppose to be curly was frizzy so i took a bootleg straightener to it... so hair that was suppose to be straight had it's own straight wave to it, lovely right? so smacking make up on my face knowing i had no brushes for my eyeliner! no concealer for under my foundation! i felt a mess &a 1/2! lol meh i guess it was whatever the La air hit my hair and it did it's complete own thing, luckily we went to a gay hookah bar, which was dark! & which was strange and a mystery at first... so i guess sitting this close to my best friend was ok in this part of town? we happen to be the gayest of friends we do boyfriend/ girlfriend type shit... and for once it was normal in this part of public Bwahahahahaha....

which i thought was a horrible night, then thought it was the best night ended up being a bad night gone good &then bad again! but just the fact that i hung out with my best friend when it all falls down Life's a good Bitch! sometimes... when you hit it &quit it!

double - - luckily i look forward to getting ready again for my Sunday night meh!

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