Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Sunday, Bloody 6'oclocks!!

Dear True Blood,
thanks for being my Sunday drug... so i love the fact that my tv is three hours ahead... i can watch with my eastcoast<3. So tonight around 6ish i will be tuned in while im packing my bags up for my event tonight... Im sure i'll only get 30minutes or so into you but my pause and record works perfect... so when i come back in the next few hours i can tune right back into where i left off... Happy Sunday, Bloody 6'oclocks!!

xoxo Rissa

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RaNdOm CrAzInEsS said...

True Blood and Entourage, my weekly fix!! HBO knows how to keep me happy! Did you know that Sookie and Bill just got engaged in real life! So that just makes the show even better for me knowing that they are not faking lol.
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