Sunday, August 2, 2009

4a.m.isssh &shit's still wetissssh

-ewwww forever the drying
+chains all linked up &ready for a cake
+tags all ribbon'd up
+toothpicks all taped up
+business cards all bagged up
-99cent store for candles

I'm ready to vend baby, &soften hustles in bulk! later this day after a very much needed cat nap considering Tom stopped by for the week, &told me expect mild cramps, which i have.. expect sappy mornings, which I've cried.. Tom just came to ruin the week or so basically... LATER TODAY AFTER A MUCH NEEDED NAP... i will clean &then get to my baking cause i was short on ingredients and I'm picky but a good kinda picky i like my cupcakes to be fresssh for the hard hustles... christian picked me up the rest of what i needed so later that's all i have to do...

SIDENOTE: Guys i got yo neck covered now!! rope chains &black rosary beads.. come &get it here later at around 7issssh-midnght All pieces are exclusive &cheaper in person... Come get your FREE edible cupcake, homemade right out my oven!

**"where her grind began in her bedroom... &drifted her ass to the kitchen where the sweet frosting happens"

Goodmorning early bird
this is where i part &say
Goodnight sweetheart,
i got a cat nap to take!


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