Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mmmm num num num Life,

"Life tastes sweeter when you just smile through the drama" -ginger la bella

because i was slightly put down in the midst of uplifting a sad soul &ginger my midwest love was there to save me.... a few text messages from friends to remind me to just pray &practice what i preach and a few horoscope "i told you so's" ginger threw at me.. lol I've been handling things better than I'd handle things for the past year, I'm no longer the vulnerable girl who cries her eyes out or the sappy girl who sleeps to her saddest r&b playlist or the clingy girl blowing up her mans phone for a better tomorrow. I'm proud of myself im even a few days away from my girl time and I'm holding my sappy tears back better than I've ever done. You win some you lose some i guess I'm in the heat of both winning and losing all in one but im staying grounded. troubles in my home troubles in my relationship &troubles in education troubles in my income a fun filled cupcake hustle has never let me down but i need more, I'm no greed i just know I'm worthy of a good sponge to soak up education and live a good life with a happy career. but for now this life is yummy cause "Life tastes sweeter when you just smile through the drama"


Ginger said...

LOL, I'm always here for some knowledge dropping, wisdom sharing, and endless convos about the same stuff we would usually be sad about but we're strong ladies now! Staying positive and staying true to the hustle! i love you, miss cupcake <3

Daniel Rechel said...

I love this !!!!