Sunday, August 30, 2009


Dear Cupcakes, you look sweet sweety cake.
@rissacupcake been tweetin the whole process...
-falling asleep painting cupcakes );

-no fingerprints, but OUCH! my hands huuurrrrrrttt );
-**taking the doorknockers off, **wiping my eyeliner off, **cheetahh shorts... Dear Night, thanks for the no sleep ahead of me sunrise craftn
-MIA PLIERS!!!!! UGH! how can life even go on?
-nap time. be up soon, to some more crafting but i leave with a new beauty i created as perfect as can be,
-my hand can breatheee! for the night I'm done with latex gloves!


Ginger said...

nom nom nom nom these cupcakes sure do soften my hustle. :P

Neesh B Fly said...

Love your blog check mines out and if you like it follow me or leave a comment..thanks

JustNorman said...

very nice necklaces. well done.
the blog that no one knows about

PORCHE ` said...

I emailed you but never got a response =/

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I really want a cupcake rosary. How do I order one?

Shannon said...

Hi! Love the necklaces, would really like to order one but never got a response via email. How do I order one? :)