Sunday, August 9, 2009

catching dreams catches street skids

Life hit a weird rock last night, my entire life flashed right in front of my eyes late lastnight on the freeway, this made the most simplest things in life matter... I've yet to figure the meaning of last night's happenings but i know swerving head on to traffic with a blown out back tire on the freeway going 80ishhhh was a scare my nerves handled well?... I put my trust in Christian, and he got me safe out of oncoming traffic when we ended up far on the carpool lane facing the wrong direction feeling stalled out driving on rims dusty air with dirt from skidding... God through me a tough one, this one was with my love... crying it out in his arms, sitting on thorns, walking on freeways, jumping fences.... and waiting in parking lots with Capri suns &twistlers I've yet to stop getting these knots in my throat, flashbacks are the hardest thing to avoid I'm tired of crying &thinkin what August 9th would have been like if the worst came out of last night... I'm still in shock, I'm way shook-up the thoughts of bright lights and cars skidding past us as we're facing them, drops tears and makes me reevaluate my purpose in life and makes me realize how much more sweeter life is... feeling like I'm seconds away from a fatal car accident site &me &my love are the reason to it all.. i know god put his hand's on both Chris and I... We have purpose and lessons to learn, hearts to touch, dreams to catch and souls to soften.... Seeing Chris shook-up crying to me was the hardest thing... i had to keep reminding him to loosen up and be cool we were safe... &God knew it definitely wasn't our time
"We still have to paint the world..."

+ending it well with Soul Massive family
+true friends in need, indeed
+crying at church
+feeling like a whole new bestfriend to a boy friend

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Ginger said...

I'm so sorry you guys had to go through that last night. I know car accidents are horrible. I've been in a few myself but one always sticks out in my mind because I was with my best friend & the passenger side where I was sitting was the most messed up & I didn't even get hurt. I thanked God so much for that. I'm glad you and Chris are doing okay. I like you guys together because you look really happy in pictures with him. I hope you guys continue to grow together & do wondering things. I hope one day I get to hang out with you guys when I get to Cali. =) Love you mamas & thank you for the prayers.