Wednesday, August 19, 2009

enough play/

take it how you like I'm over//sharing :P
nothin new just a GPOYW over share edition.
my hearts jumping//no change
i got nancy all up in my life hence//my thought train.

+off to baking for phatz' event thang
"24 Seven Habiliments - Belly of The Beast Mixtape Release Party"
+thurs. will consist of villain type friends
+vip type necklines
+cupcakes 24/7, oh this is our hustle.
+i got great friends who admire my softening.
+dubs for batches!
+text messages for happiness!
+shocking pink? maybe.
+black &white business attire/ job please pray for &tomorrow's morning happs!
+royalty cupcake for Danielle's neckline.
+chilling with the ladies tomorrow
+wish i can go to Rick's sushi affair 2nite but i gots sweets to put in the oven!
"Network Mixer Tonight/ BBi Clothing"
+will misss smiley face.

ok really i gotta go bake 4+ batches, dye my hair, pick my interview clothes out, make miss Danielle's necklace &cut toothpick thingy's out! PEEEEAAACCCCEEEEEEEEEE!


BrandeD said...

SOOO EXCITED TO BE CROWNED WITH MY VERY OWN CUP CAKE : ) little miss BrandeD HEARTS<3 Lil miss Cupcake.. see ya 2maro!

Ginger said...

I can't wait to get my cupcakessss! I mentioned that though right? LOL I love pictures of you even when you're face isn't in it. You're beautiful, my long lost sister from an another mister in my dream state! <3