Thursday, May 7, 2009

feeling t-shirt needy

&i wouldn't want another tee clothing me...more than a WEEKEND WARRIORS tee...
I'mma plain v-neck kinda girl, i just came up on forever 21's $4.50 v-necks... it's like a HUGE STEAL vs. american apparel and urbanoutfitters... 20+ for v-neck? My average summer day this year is either plain v-neck tees or dresses... i never buy printed tees ever unless i catch them on sale &that's real... some t-shirt prices are crazy! it's gotta be so appealing to the way i dress and to my eyes... but usually i never give in, my pockets are precious... but these fly ass wknd girls desi &bri have never let me down with comfy low price tee's with cute ass prints on them.. but my 2 tees from last season were even cheaper it was a cupcake hustle/ wknd girl trade.... I'm just saying get you a t-shirt if your feeling kinda needy! WEEKEND WARRIORS

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