Thursday, May 7, 2009

also, i got my hands on this book...

"I'ma Selective Reader"
-it's sooo good too, and i just started reading this yesterday... my dad had it for 2 years at his desk at work... and just came outta no where with it yesterday... &said he had a book for me to read.. I'm so into this i think cause my dad was working the night when Notorious B.I.G was shot and killed... and i get flashbacks when i was living down there when my dad had came home and the huge commotion he was speaking of... i find it even more interesting cause my dad works internal affairs, the "police of the police" and he knows the LAPD scoop on the Notorious and Tupac beef... like when some of LAPD officers were spotted in Vegas w/ The Death Row Family the time tupac was shot and some of the dirtiest cops in the history of LAPD... I've always been a fan of my dad's stories from the street chase stories to the desk stories... lol it never fails he can read me reports and tune me in for hours on cop stuff!

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Super Woman said...

Looks good, Imma have to get this when i head to the book store