Tuesday, February 10, 2009

womp womp womp

baby, TLC...
I'm tired, i have chills my throat hurts I'm hungry my lips are chapped Chris is sleeping my stomach is growling my room's a mess I'm covered in glitter my mouth is dry my hands are pink my face is greasy my nose is sore my eyes are heavy... my bed is not empty! i wannnnnna sleep eat shower &drink tea all together! i can't find Crazy/Beautiful is my biggest issue! favorite movie m.i.a!!!?

i didn't get my green American apparel shirt today like i wanted!

-to the bank first thing in the morning cashing checks
-LA tomorrow
-jewelry shopping
-charm searching
-sushi with my love
-photo sessions
-possibly meeting up with my dad
-meeting up after 2pm, giving Clara her Valentine's day gift
-meeting Weekend Girls♥
-i got goodies for my LA girls

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