Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fashion District Success,

So yesterday, a little behind schedule still ended up being a very great day... My boyfriend treated me a trip to LA? lol he knows what i like... Met up with my bestfriend! we caught1 got to hang out like old times.. Never have i ever been in the right place with my $ to treat my best friend for everything from parking, $1.00 doorknockers, good eats, &a goodie bag fulla homemade goods!

Went to a few jewelry spots stocked up on my chains &links &locks. Talk about flashiness on a damn budget! Thank god for my dad working for LAPD &getting the hook up &getting his daughter a discount card! such a kind man gave me lots a gold goods for only $20 I bought my boyfriend 2 yards of rope chain, get on a whole nother level- arts &craftys to look like run-dmc! I got a certain kinda chain cause im working on a new certain kinda suprise cupcake project...

So killing time while the Weekend Girls handle their weekly business... yes the weekend warriors i met non other than Desi &Bri yesterday... It's was pleasures meeting the "Queens of Calling Out" it's humbling to meet stranger like ladies that you click so well with, &to be able to grow with ladies on that same grind &it's obvious that they have my back business knowledgewise &just in general... I was able to give them goodies i spent the night before working on... they fell in love, resulting in great collab plans to come in mid. March begin. April They're so cute... I look forward to working with themin the near future!!!

"time to make this happen &let everyone know how talented you are" -wknd girl Desi



danalarock said...

pretty things and colors! i just got a jersey too yay for us [=

Rachie-Pie said...

OH SO IT WAS $1 earringsss!! oficially killing me with the amount of gold that you write about! I love gold so much and would seriously layer up my neckline with every chain i could possibly get my hands on..if not for ppl alredy always commenting on my two small ones i wear...!

Kay said...

ooooooh that biggie chain ? its OFFICIAL
- && i`m so happy for u that ur doing big things girl ;]

loooove ur big earrings