Tuesday, February 10, 2009

messy crafter,


Seems to me I have to work on my heavy hands, for neater production! If you know me well, evvverrrrythingg I do is with a heavy hand. I'll straighten your hair mad rough! fingerprints on my cupcakes is almost always, smashing too hard! Slaps like a BEAST! i just can't control it.. lol

Oh yea &plus all my images are backwards well up right but then when i do the transfer they're backwards lol ohhh the learning process &mistakes towards perfection! so these are practice pieces! &my poor Kelis &Nas have a case of rashes on their cheeks due to heavy hand-dage! lmao...

Well, I'm not doing anything crazy with this project from what i know.. as of now... with these im just experimenting, mainly pieces for myself &close lovers &some custom Valentine's orders... some random cali love trades &for sure Claracake$ trades but besides that I've been low on producing more of my ideas that I've been brainstorming for a while.. On top of that places I'm suppose to be meeting up at I'm suppose to be meeting with weekend girls for talking collabs &suppose to be getting my cupcakes in a couple shops but it's just been a bad struggle because, my money's not right, transportation is always an issue & the weather is ugly for traveling +++++ i haven't caught the Polymer on sale for months, now! you can't beat 99cents so when they bump back up to $1.99 it's too damn exspensive when i need clay in bulk... 20% coupons aren't even that big of help when it comes down to budgeting! So because the clay is $1.99 i can't afford to take on my Valentine's surprise for the lover boy... so with that a FOR SURE, Obama Obama Obama Obama clay attempt for now!

Drawer fulla cupcake goods, late night golden era jams, glitter on my floor! Thank God for the miniture oven in my room she serves PERFECT PURPOSE, its not for your sushi baby!