Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Doin it...

"-n- doing it.. -n- doing it riiiiiiigggh.."

Tomorrow I'm sending $15.00 to the far east, Miss Bubblegum Pony♥s, jewels herself. coming up on some 1.5" pins for me &my love. I find it more fun when i suggest a couple pins then let her pick the rest.. when the envelope comes in, it's sorda like the surprise gift bags at The Sanrio store.. Aww the days, miss those for sure! well it's about time for some new pins they definitely make the outfit, sidebags, flannels leather jacket! you name it!

So having old pins is sorda like having an old shirt in the closet it's time to go out &get new ones! but you cant get pins like these.... she hits the spot with the pins man! Like they feel almost custom cause every time she has new pins or even older ones they fit me tooooo well!

I've said it before... Go get your pins @ Bubblegum Pony♥s

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Anonymous said...

i love youuur new layout!