Tuesday, December 2, 2008

first day of my next 7 months!

today was a good day, (;
med school 1 day down!
goodnight my sweet love, sorry i passed out before you,
&thank you for last night &today
you have a way of getting to me like no other
Yellow Donut, with boo!
&prayers for moni's ankle &her basketball team they'll miss her!
fresh prince&channel flips of first 48 hours till my eyes drop
goodnight i love you christian!
thanks for visiting me on my very first lunch break to share velvet cupcakes! (;


Simone Carlene ™ said...

aaawww. just... aaawww.
I love the blog. ♥

TimahTimah said...

you guys r too cute. My money order will be coming in the mail soon!

tataJunkiee said...

that picture of you two is sooo cute

[$ H A R O N A] said...

awww the lil cartoon of you guys!

sooo cute.


Mercy said...

too cute!!

Yummie D said...

i love the cartoon looks just like you's!!