Thursday, July 3, 2008

Support your local lady artist,

Dana La Rock! is a 22 year old Creator with laser-guns gauged on both music & street fashion. Dana takes casual creativity for a joyride merging electro booms, rap tid-bits and vocal pop waves together. Residing in the L.A District, by way of Orange County, she is a product of originality, craftiness and evolution. Starting out with lyrical HipHop Dana La Rock sauntered open roads and introduced herself to New Wave sounds, thanks to artists like M.I.A, Uffie, Santogold & N.E.R.D. "The music I do started off as fun until people really started feeling it..." La Rock!

meet my new drug, officially an addict, get on this La Rock be putting it down.. she's ill she's on a indie electro pop mia uffie style... make you wanna pick up a can &paint the WHOLE damn world! GET INSPIRED!

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yippy kah yay!