Friday, July 4, 2008

Family reunion, holla!

at it's best...

a whole weekend contained stress yet was stress free? hmmmm family knows how to do it..

dang i got stories for days where do i start?
hmmm i can say 1 story i heard this weekend.. ok let's all be serious on the most straight face serious tip.. a lot of African American women wear wigs.. let's be soo real! ok so i have a little cousin &his mom is black... this is how the story goes.. --so my aunt was sleeping &her two boys were playing with their guns &turf bullets i guess while they were plotting out their little plan &she heard them say "
Adam! Adam! Let's try &shoot mommy's wig off! **giggles" aint that the funniest shit EVER?!!!! hahahahahaha

well dang so friday was a soo chill day &night nothing serious cause satuday was going to be pretty big... more like preparations arts &crafts chocolates &pamper cakes! "CAUSE IMA CREATIVE BITCH, BITCH!" lol

hmmm saturday, getting ready in the heat is torture! melting make-up &tight ass pants sticking to your hot ass legs! never a great combination.. nor easy task to put pants on but hey by the time i put on my "wet" undershirt on i was cooled down.. plus it was in Carson so i mean the cool breeze brought me back to life..

well off to the baby shower, awww it's nice to see family you aint seen in if it aint months years? hahaha well i saw cousin i never thought would grow up &younger cousins i never thought would be starting up family's damn talk about turning freakin 20! );

well my hometown family came &live'n'ed up the party... so here i am 1 drink down &im gassy like a mofo fuckin Heinikin Lights make me gassy in my chest &pee non stop!

well i was on my good 5th beer when my small buzz was coming to an end.. ever been buzzed killed by yo aunty? SHIIIIIIIITTTTTTT, "is that beer for you?" "yea" "are you 21?" "well put that back, you trynna be like you mom" everyone laughed &was like "YEEEAAAAAAAA! another elaine!" mind you i was put on BLAST BLAST BLAST, with two corona's in my hands lol.. i thought in my head like hell yea tell me my mom aint the life of the WHOLE DAMN PARTY??? hahahaha so yea point is i put my beer back, thank you Deon for telling on me &thank you dad for trynna back me up after i told the truth... my dad comes in &is like "those are for me!" minute to late mister LAPD!

ehhhhh contin...

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