Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Love,

Every1 needs a lil dose of #WEEKENDLOVE ♥

It takes one to lose his good girl, & it's takes four bad girls to feel the good girl love. Cause i been on my #GirlPower shittt for a few weeks now, being able to get pass a few months i put in time and genuine heart-hardship... I guess with good girl loven it gets easier and easier... i never felt so connected with some girls I've grown close to over time.... "Taking chances" i guess you can say looking deeper and beyond what everyone else sees... nothing beats daily good mornings, updates, silly crush venting, closet talk via bbm, 4hr shopping in forever 21, grubbin, drankin, baking....

cause "I Do" via bbms
cause well they are my Weekend Loves
cause we # sign our love during the week
cause we Jooooose it up in Cherry &Betsy...Weekend Cruisin.

call me crazy but those 4 bad girls up there have been
"the best friendship piece ever!"

1 comment:

NayCake said...

WORD i can so relate to this even my besties got the bold. its the best friendship piece ever!