Friday, November 6, 2009

i shake in the a.m... simz shakes in the a.m

--"I don't even know u & i'm dreaming with u"
Ok so it's 2:23am scary weird shit, so im sleeping &mind you i been dreaming on some weirdness lately... So im sleeping &i start dreaming that i had fallen asleep on the phone with Tayy, i wake up(in my dream) & so im listening to him &his friend laughing and joking waiting for him to come back to the phone and he doesn't and i hear someone say "leave a message after the beep...." (i hear the beep) &i wake up again(but still in the dream) to notice i wasn't on the phone & i looked at my phone and it said i called him at 4:06am so i some how fall asleep again... &then i finally wake wake wake up thinking 30 minutes passed thinking it's 4:30issh and i call really call Tayy, sounding dumb asking him if just called him at 4:06am i look at my phone and it say's 2:23am im flipping out & before i can tell him my "dream" he goes you wanna know something funny "In the middle of Simz sleep he was shaking and talking to himself for a whole minute" and im laughing and Tayy's super laughin and was like yea and Simz is mumbling spazzin shaking & then says out loud "leave a message after the beep" (making the beep sound) trip off that!!!

Am I crazy or was he lowkey talking to me via my dream? it's literally 4:ooam now and im scared and still shook up without a thought of possibly falling back to sleep....

**i blame it on my little sisters room, the last time ill sleep in her Twilight/Chris Angel poster'ed up wall room freak room!!

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