Wednesday, November 4, 2009

@Faimkills YOU KILLIN'EM BOY!!!!!!

"If you don't know what my name is still, I introduce myself... Hi my name's Faimkills I push 16 bars like you push 4 wheels..."
&to think you mistaken a talented #IE local "Faimkills for a canceled tour Fame Kills?" shame on you... Or is it that your waiting for Kanye &Lady Gaga to tour still? well dwell no longer because the Faimkills i know just dropped "A Thought- Ghetto Messtape" full of goodness! Stage presence like no other, blowing minds with lyrics, and treating microphones like hand grenades!

**cause im 15 songs deep with chorus' and bars in my memBRAIN, remembered like i gotta show tomorrow hahaha able to quote'him and all i don't play i tend to zone out with the sounds of greatness and deep lyrics... considered me ZONEDDDDDD OUTTTTTTTT!

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