Saturday, June 20, 2009

Worry No more-isshhh..

Here I am listening to my "Think twice," playlist DEFINITELY NOT THINKING TWICE, but damn straight jamming real well.. It put me in this writing mood well, sharing via blogspot writing mood.. it's cause i haven't been on my writing game at all! I thought i'd kick it old school with some real feelings running thru my memBRAIN.

I dunno it's weird how i see _'s screen name and I'm not tapping it, not fighting it, shute not reminiscing it! Weird how it's mad distant-ish i never been the one to hold mad grudges, never been the one to say a last word in a mean way... I never been so moody, never been so defensive &distant never felt soo real but it's crazy how one can drive me to my last bit for them.

I kinda laugh at "how'd we even get along to begin with?" when i think how much I'd cry and expect something from _. Nothing like tlc but just on some siding support, but _ was always tough and quiet when I'd spill beans to be exact. i hated venting to a wall cause i have four of my own i can cry to but i chose the genuine friend in _. I chose _ to vent to on some off the wall shit, we'd shit talk together and recognize the real! meh, here i am thinking of what was a Potential Friendship and at the same time not expecting a thing! Just bumping gums... i guess to an extent i miss random a.m calls, random cuss outs, crazy gig talks, after all a Tough Love went far enough but in all reality I've been labeled nothing less than the Psycho BF.

silly girl with a worry
(for no good reason)

sidenote** A limit to 6 worries a day how cute right? kinda secretly BEEN wanting these, wouldn't mind these for my many 6 worries a day...


Ginger said...

I like the way that flowed..

tom said...

You're hotlinking to my image -- you should at a minimum give a link when you do that.

The Corny Collins Show said...

I have nooo clue who you're talkin about.