Saturday, June 6, 2009

well well fried planned?

Ok, a day that was well planned since this morning ended up no where near expectations... i got out the shower around 4ish 5 started getting ready for a tiny little outing... in my hello kitty towel dress? don't hate! it was just like this but red &mad hootchie lmao just while my clothes were in the dryer i got my hair all fancy shmancy &curled lmao well getting ready failed when he showed up around 5 i stopped ashy as heck to just talk and hug.. hugging turned into well TEA!!! and tea turned into a good ol' nap... ended up waking up next to my love... ummm slept from 6 til 1012pm lol still in my hello kitty towel dress lmao texting Kay bout our crazy mamas treating us like we 12! watched forensic files finally got dressed into comfy shorts &my rabbit tank from forever braless feeling good! &still watching Forensic Files pressed paused to make some fried rice for the lover boy... (his favorite) cause i make it like the Asian girl i am NOT... lol with a Costco size Kikkoman soy sauce in my pantry you'd think I'd mastered my fried rice.. and your right (;

Forensic Files &Sweet cuddling got the best of me tonight!
Hey, I aint mad.

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