Friday, May 8, 2009

15 turning 21..

best wishes little big sister!
the kinda little sister that will mess a tiny ni**a up for you, --

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all honesty i need her ass in my life everyday!
she's def. my roll dog, body guard, crack a joke on your ass,
man up tell it how it is, kill a spider for you... type-a sister
i love you to deaf...


+off to San Pedro for the weekend
+ lakers game at my dad's friends restaurant tonight -Holla
+birthday BBQ at the park tomorrow (seeing my mom& dad's high school homies)
+either staple center/ downtown disney/ universal city walk/ or beach
+v-neck galore
+possible jewelry district
+set up shop at Teresa's :P


LaLa said...

awwe HAPPY BIRTHDAY sister!!

have fun!


SOLÉ GARCIA. said...

AWW YAY MONI LOVE IS 15, HOLLA! tell her I wish her a happy B-day, that's my lil' buddy I talk to when your ass isn't on your SN cough cough haha

parle nae said...

let her know i said happy hsmappy birthday !