Saturday, April 4, 2009

mean muggin cause i'm mean,


+ I survived a week and 37hrs!!!!! Oh how i missed him so...
- he took so many mental hits over the phone, i know it!
-/+ first time he wasn't around for my pre-pms-tudes
- lack of lower back rubs and supplying me with some of my weirdest cravings...
-/+ speaking of pregnant food cravings, today bananas and sour cream/onion Pringles "GET THE'F OUTTA HERE!" i know weird...
+ got some crafts together
+ mailed new cupcake jewels out to Lidia NISW
+ made gifts!
+ DEA with boyfriend
+ bought a shirt that reminds me of La Rock (;
- Forever 21 is 5 minutes away NO BUENO (my mom and i can't stop shopping!)
+ my cousin's back back to cali cali for good, her &big head Jaeden are coming tomorrow!
- No world of dance with my boy
+ Burt's Bees true love lip balm type love


Tina B. Marie said...

Loving the shirt and those ARE some odd

Anonymous said...

a 2 story forever21 just opened by my house, it's going be such a test. i feel your pain! tell chris hi, lol