Monday, April 6, 2009

4:58am western 7:58am eastern

"na, no sneak peeks here ;) you’re going to have to wait for FRIDAY to see these bad boys, who got first dibs? I DO! lol all I’m saying is this might just mean one future ill collaboration with the cupcake vandals X cupcakes to soften yo` hustle & _____ na you can’t get the name yet ha! like I said, wait until friday for the updated pictures..check out rissa peace and her pieces H E R E" -Sole

This time I'm working the hell outta my Monday's Tuesday's Wednesday's &Thursday's cause Friday's looking pretty special to me...

P.S this time I'm not letting you down potential collab or not new thangs are coming!

1 comment:

LaLa said...

haha when you were going to sleep from work I'm waking up to go to work, go figure lol.

I'm so hyped, your first can I be second!!