Tuesday, March 10, 2009

feeling played for a fool, but not for long...
-I've had a tough week, that i know i can get thru
-Busting all nighters with crafty thangs has drained me much
-Falling asleep while things are turning black in the oven,
-Bobble heading at the computer looking up clay facts!
-Never been a fan of sloppy seconds
-So I'm researching a passion for becoming a beast when it comes to crafting with clay!
-Refreshing my mind &my grind
-So it's my time for me to sit back &establish MYSELF first, than my ROOM then my CUPCAKES etc...
-I've come to realize clay crafters can have similar dilemmas like "WRITERSBLOCK" to an extent I've come to a "crafting block"
-I've hit the point where draining my energy has drained my quality, No Bueno!!!
-I'll be gone for a while... seriously, crafting will be VERY limited if any to share at all.
-Notes for the stressful days, measurements &changes in my room
-New things will be kept secret till my return

you think you on my shit "slangin sweets" pssssssssffftttt!

I'm coming back sweeter than you ever seen... clay goods so sappy &sweet make yo mouth water &your back arch more than yo man do...



LaLa said...

stay up mama! know that everything passes and shit always gets BETTER! I'm here and you have 100 X more people who love, appreciate, and rock your shit then those who don't! love you FIRST and let everything else fall back! Remember all are little twitter covos! Love you mama! Head up like your nose was bleeding!


Kayta said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I know everything has been pretty rough love, and you deserve a much needed break from all of the hard work you've been putting in. Keep your head up & I know great things are in order very soon when you return.

Take that vacation & remember, you will always soften our hustle. Esp. mine! (:

Diti said...

I'll miss youuuu. lol. but tweet tweet!

and just stay up, I feel like I've lost focus and I need to refocus too, you inspired me in a way. I just need to DO it, stop thinking.

LaLa said...

I miss my softener :(

love you